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Robin Hood
Торговля и доверительное управление Профессия, 8 лет. I have a master degree in Finance and I am trading Live accounts since 2004. I am following strategies based on statistically proven setups in majors. Управление портфелем ПАММ-счетов Профессия, 2 года. I am offering managed account (PAMM) investment for the Alpari customers.
Master degree in Finance. High School of Mathematics.
Опыт на Форексе During the years I have tried a lot of systems. At present there are many EA’s in my trader’s toolbox and I use them to catch the tested setups on the charts. Every simple strategy is tested to be successful over the past 3 years with EA’s. Optimizations are made every 2 weeks. Market is changing and we should stay sharp. This is not pure mechanical trading. There is a human factor – strategies are supervised and I decide which are suitable for the market conditions. Deals have adaptive stops and limits within average daily volatility. Usually I try to catch over 20 pips and I put stop loss at 150 pips maximum for secure reasons, I watch PA (price action) most of the time and if necessary deals are closed before they hit stop or limit. I am using MM, but this do not mean Martingale – only smooth lot-size change.
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